Pentafold Development

Who We Are

From organizational design to individual development, PentaFold is dedicated to accelerating the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations through services that complement what HR partners are expected to deliver, and development activities that leave them, and their organizations, more competent.


Our approach bridges the gap between high level concepts, ideas, and research about what works in organizational & leadership development and realistic, day-to-day application that will quickly improve results and success. We clarify needs, integrate information, diagnose situations, and create concrete change plans for immediate action. Throughout all we deliver, PentaFold offers clients access to the skills of a coach, the toolkit of a consultant, and multidisciplinary knowledge and experience.

Professional Services

Internal human resources, learning, and development partners live in a world of multiple responsibilities. Expected to build relationships, understand the business, manage talent, design development and learning plans, diagnose business problems, and lead change…while simultaneously meeting the daily needs of the organization, coaching leaders, and staying personally knowledgeable and credible…there is never enough time. PentaFold can help. Browse our offerings to learn more.